Download, Installation and Activation Microsoft Office

Know how to purchase, download, reinstall, install, uninstall and activate Microsoft Office setup

Microsoft Office suite has the best set of Applications highly used around the globe. It is a popular software suite featuring many desktop publishing programs. Microsoft Office helps you create the best presentations for business with one of the best presentation programs called Office PowerPoint. However, there are several programs that Microsoft Office includes. The Office Setup is well known for being easy to use. Each program of its setup comes with convenient features so you can achieve nearly any goal. All of the apps in Office suite are excellent and professional in their own work fields.

Office Applications

Microsoft Excel: A spreadsheet program that is used to analyze and record numerical data. This is one of the highly used software applications of all time. Microsoft Excel is a robust program essential for presenting and managing data in today’s working environment.

Microsoft Word: A powerful word processing program that gives professional results when used efficiently. This is a computer program used to create and print text documents that might otherwise be prepared on a typewriter. The essential part of a word processor is the ability to make changes effortlessly, such as correcting spelling, adding, and deleting, formatting and relocating the text you enter.

Microsoft Access: A computer application used to create and manage computer-based databases typically used on the desktop computers and linked computers (a network). MS Access enables one to retrieve, sort, summarize and report outcomes quickly. By using this program, your data can be combined from various files by creating relationships. Also, it can make data entry more efficient and accurate.

Microsoft OneNote: An intelligent notepad that can be used to keep various types of tasks and information prepared, categorized and easily accessible. It is one of the best Microsoft programs you’re probably not using.

Microsoft Outlook: A versatile component of the Microsoft Office suite for users to organize their personal information and to communicate with others. This one of the most popular email clients used in enterprises.

Microsoft Publisher: An application that changes your computer to a desktop publishing center, which is used to create different numbers of publications.  With the help of Publisher, business cards, greeting cards, calendars, newsletters, and many more things can be built.

Microsoft Visio: A diagramming program that allows users to create diagrams (ranging from simple to complex), which helps users in data visualization and process modeling. This tool is mostly used to create simple or complex layouts. It provides a wide range of varieties of built-in objects, shapes, and stencils to work with.

Skype for Business: A communication tool that gives users an ability to cooperate in real-time via text chat, audio/video chat, and computer system sharing. It was formerly known as Microsoft Lync Server. This program has been featured with an online support high-definition video and audio conferencing for equal to 250 people as well as enterprise-level special support.

Microsoft Project: A setup of tools for more professional project and portfolio management. This software program can be used to help any plans from different lines of work such as manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals, retail, government, financial services, and healthcare as well.

Microsoft PowerPoint: A software product used to perform computer-based presentations. This program tends to use slides for conveying information rich in multimedia. The phrase "slide" stands for a slide projector, which this software replaces well.

How to Download Office Setup

Follow the simple steps given below to download Office setup.

  1. Launch the browser on your device and go to
  2. Sign in with the account you linked with this version of Office.
  3. From the Office homepage, you need to select the Install Office option.
Your Office suite should now begin downloading.

How to Install Office Setup

Follow the easy process mentioned below to complete the installation process.
  1. Depending on your browser tap the following options:
  • Tap Run in Edge or Internet Explorer.
  • Tap Setup in Chrome.
  • Tap Save File in Firefox.
  1. The installation process is finished as soon as you see the phrase “You’re All Set! The Office is installed now”. Tap on the Close option.
  2. Here you need to tap the Start button and then select the app you want to open such as Word or Excel, or else; you can type the name of the app in the search box.

How to Activate Office Setup

Follow the simple process given below to complete the activation process.

  1. Open the Office application you want to activate on your PC; such as Word or Excel.
  2. Note: In most cases, you can activate Office setup once you start an application and after you tap on the Accept option having read the License terms.
Now your Office setup will be activated successfully.